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The Bio-genesis Group is an organization that develops and researches environmentally friendly innovative technologies to provide world-class technologies in various fields.

Nature is the art of God.

We love and respect the nature. The motto of the Bio-genesis Group is ‘Do not move forward over nature.’ Many of the innovations in the present world have been developed for the betterment of human life, but nature has been rather destroyed. Innovation for the true humanity is to be developed not only for mankind but also for the environment around mankind. The Bio-genesis Group has succeeded in creating world-class technology inspired by nature. As a result, we were able to acquire world-class technology that is human-friendly and nature-friendly.

World-class technology

World-class technology

Our outstanding technology is expressed through world-class experts. With at least 20 years of industry experience and proven competence and know-how of our own, we have created a world-class innovation.

Global Network

Global Network

We have a worldwide network and work with talent from around the world. We are working with UK, China and USA to develop and cooperate through networks around the world.

Get inspiration from nature

Get inspiration from nature

We find the answer to the new technology development from nature. We firmly believe that every source of new and innovative technology can be found from nature.

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It is a core team member that makes Bio-genesis Group into the world. Meet and communicate with our team of professional competence.

Stefan Lee

Business Executive

Lucy Koo

Project Manager

Juseong Lym

Chinese branch manager