Desertification prevention tree planting project

Desertification prevention tree planting project

Desertification is a global issue. We have developed a special potion. This potion helps the soil maintain its moisture, allowing the trees to grow continuously in the desert area.

How to combat desertification with reforestation

More areas get drier and drier. The largest part of the world consists of eroded areas, are suited for the plantation of trees. A small part of these areas consists of pols, high mountains and pure deserts. These areas aren’t suited for the plantation of trees.

Eroded areas suitable for trees occupy, by far, the biggest part of land on earth: over 2 billion hectares (5 billion acres) – that is over 30% of Earth’s surface ready to reforest!

Other prairies and poorly wooded areas arose by natural grazing, or by human cattle breeding, after which wind helped keep these areas open. Over time, very large areas have been deforested particularly due to human intervention. On the one hand, there has been the ever-growing need for agricultural and horticultural land; and on the other, the need for wood for crafting, industrial and domestic (charcoal) purposes. Overgrazing (i.e. by goats and sheep), has literally chewed entire former woodland areas into new extensive deserts; this too is a problem.

Can we turn deserts into forests?

Sometimes people use the argument that we cannot change deserts into woods, as trees will not grow there. This is however not true: once, most deserts were green, and the real cause of their existence and status now, is humanity itself. In the Bible, Israel is described as the land of milk and honey. Mesopotamia was the region where the Tower of Babel was constructed; and we all know of the overwhelming wealth then in that now poor and dry region. In Tunisia, there is a Colosseum in EL Jem. It is now in the middle of the desert; but at its time of construction, it was able to support and house over 30.000 people. At that same time, North Africa was rich and fertile with many inhabitants. We all know the history of Carthage and Egypt. At that time, rich and wealthy; now poor as a result of the desertification. Therefore, we know that fertile soils cause wealth, and desertification causes poverty. This is why we have to restore Earth’s surface – and the instrument to do it is the tree!

The areas on the world that once had trees

All the yellow, orange and red areas were covered with healthy forests 2,000 years ago. Now they are infertile and non-productive deserts which create poverty. If we replant this area with trees producing economically interesting products, we can solve the erosion problem, the climate problem, and the food problem. In this way, we can again create wealth for these areas and inhabitants.

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