Microbial decomposition food waste disposal system

Microbial decomposition food waste disposal system

The microbial decomposition type food waste disposer is semi-permanent, and it is an environmentally friendly method in which the food waste is fermented, aged and composted for 30 days.

Capacity available per day : Flexible up to 500 tons
Development period : more than 15 years research and development
Price : Variable depending on processing size
Contaminated waste water : None
Compost : 20% of the input

*Product Specifications

1. Excellent decomposition power

– It is possible to dispose of all kinds of food waste, vegetables and animal manure except corruption.
– All foods can be processed including shells, meat, fish bones, toothpicks

Food waste input process

2. Excellent structure

– 10 step system: input> operation> mixing> water discharge> aging fermentation> decomposition> destruction> drying> discharge
– Regardless of the size of food garbage, it can be put into food garbage disposer (patented technology)
– Residues (high-quality compost) will be produced from 30 days to 45 days. (There are some differences depending on the characteristics of food waste)
– Food waste is reduced by 75% ~ 80% (the rest is produced with high quality compost)
– Automatic separation and discharge of food garbage bag


Water vapor

3. Ease of operation

– Automatic operation stop when opening the inlet
– Over-flow system enables stable processing of large amount of food waste
– Works even when iron chopsticks, rice bowls, kitchen knives, etc. are inserted.

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